Converting PowerPoint Files for Projector

Planning Center Projector is an iPad app for displaying lyrics, videos, and slides during your service. To display PowerPoint files, you first need to upload them to a media. When they're uploaded, they need to be converted to image slides to be used in Projector. 

Check Conversion Status

Once you've created the media item and added the PowerPoint file, hover over your file and click the pencil to view details.

If Projector is enabled on your account, when you upload new PowerPoint files, they are converted automatically, which sometimes takes a minute or two depending on the size of your file.

If you previously uploaded PowerPoint files, you'll need to manually convert them by clicking convert now. Reopen File Details to check to see if it's complete.

Convert slides if necessary

Keynote files are not supported.

View Converted Slides

Once your file has been converted, you'll see how many slides were converted. Click the button to see your actual slides.

View converted slides

Scroll down to see any additional slides or click the x in the top right to close the slide viewer.

Once you've added your PowerPoint, you can attach your media to a plan item!

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