Setting Up a New Projector Account

Welcome to Projector! Once you've enabled the app, we'll help you set up your Projector account by showing you how to set the aspect ratio for projecting, format slides, and put the slides on the screen once they've got all the elements you want.

Download Projector from the Apple Store and sign in using your Services login.

Login Screen

Projector is only available on iOS 8.1 and up.

The Projector app is laid out in a similar way as Services: the sidebar works as a dashboard, holding your schedule, all plans and media, as well as an option to start a session to control wireless devices.


To get set up for using during a service, set the aspect ratio of your device, format the slides to project on the screen, then put the slides on a screen!

Set the Aspect Ratio

Before you jump into creating your items for your service, create your settings for this device, especially the aspect ratio, by tapping Settings.

  1. Choose the Aspect Ration:
    • 16:9 for Widescreen/HD
    • 4:3 for Fullscreen/SD
  2. Select the size you'd prefer the thumbnails on your device:
    • Small allows four slides per row
    • Normal allows three slides per row
    • Large allows two slides per row

Continue scrolling through the list to set other settings or tap the screen and choose a plan to begin adding information to your service then tap Settings again to minimize the menu.

Format Slides

Choose a plan from the Sidebar to see what has already been set up in Services and start adding slides.

View the items from Services, and set up the slides the way you want them on the screen.

  1. Record the presentation, edit the order of service, or change the layouts of all slides.
  2. Edit songs lyrics and sequences or add words to the screen with custom slides.
  3. Edit backgrounds or change the layout of the slide.

Headings will only show as words; files cannot be attached to them, and they cannot be edited.

Edit Lyrics & Sequences

If the item is not a song, add words by creating a custom slide.

However, if the item is a song, change the order of the sequence or edit the lyrics pulled from Services.

  1. Edit the lyrics.
  2. View what words are on each slide by selecting the part of the song and changing the breaks.
  3. Change the order of the sequence by dragging the part to another place in the order.
  4. Add a new part of the song to the sequence.
  5. Choose where to save this new sequence. Saving on the Arrangement saves it for any time the song is used. The Item only saves the preferences for this plan.

Tap Save to be taken back to the main screen.

Add Backgrounds to Slides

All backgrounds are taken from the Media page, so first add backgrounds to the Media page then select one of those Media for the background of your slides.

Media cannot be added in Projector; all media must be added in Services.

Add a background to the image by tapping + and choosing from the media you've uploaded.

Select the media, and the image will immediately be added to the slides.

If that song was already selected, tap the play button to change the slide to its new background.

Select Lyric Layout

Choose the number of lines shown on the screen for each slide for just this song.

The default is Middle, four lines, but you can create your own or use one of the other defaults.

The layout will still respect the number of lines shown in the lyrics, so if a part of the song doesn't have as many lines, it will only show what is listed in that part.

Put Slides on the Screen

Once on the plan, use the preview sidebar to view what is currently on the screen as well as what could be projected next.

  1. View what's currently on the screen as well as what's next to show on the screen then use the arrows to go to the next screen.
  2. Add your logo, and use the black screen or the logo screen for items with no attachment.
  3. Use the alert to put a message on top of the current slide.

Now all you lack is connecting to a screen! Choose to connect wirelessly or with a wired connection, depending on your setup. Allow others to connect to a session to control the slideshow from their device. If you have a wired connection, you can set your device to offline mode once the items are synced, ensuring you have no internet connection issues.

Once you've familiarized yourself with that flow, you're ready for your first service!

Get Help & Support

If you need any help as you're getting set up, we are here to help you! The best way is by tapping Help in the sidebar. When you tap that, you'll see this helpful dialog box:

Help Box
  1. View a list of helpful articles based on Projector.
  2. Email our Support Team or view existing emails you've sent.
  3. Open the Services app to the plan you're currently viewing.
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