Using Custom Slides

Create Custom Slides that display text, which especially helpful for adding slides with scripture verses or sermon notes.

You can create these slides right in Projector or in Services.

Custom slides cannot be added to songs. Song lyrics are taken from the Lyrics & Chords Editor and cannot be edited from Projector. To use multiple backgrounds for songs, add an extra item then create custom slides.


The Slide Editor is available for items but not headers. If the item is a song, the slide will contain song sequences and lyrics. If there is no song linked, you can add custom slides.

Tap the Text Viewer icon to the right of an item

Add a new slide by dragging the bar to any location or tap it to add a new item to the end.

Add a new slide

Once you've added a slide, add text to it.

Add text for your slide
  1. Name the title of the slide, or keep it as the default Slide 1. These titles will not show up on the screen and are only used as references.
  2. Type the text or copy text and paste it.
  3. Smart Layout automatically wraps everything to optimize slide breaks. By default, it is enabled. If you disable it, the formatting you enter will be displayed: it uses manual line breaks, scales text to fit, and starts new slides based on the number of lines in your layout.

Save your slide or Delete Slide to be taken to the list of slides.

Custom slides use your chosen layout to automatically format your slide.

Add in Services

Once you create an item, hover over it and choose the pencil to add Custom Slides.

Edit an item that is not linked with a Song or Media

Switch to the Slides tab then choose edit slides to add, edit, or delete Custom Slides.

Click on the 'Slides' tab to the left, then click on 'edit slides'

This tab is available when you click on Songs in the plan as well, but you will not be able to edit the slides there. Song slides are created by the Lyrics and Chords Generator.

Add slides using the + or by typing the title of the slide:

From there, you can add a new slide two ways...
1. Plus Button

The Plus Button sets the Title to the Default, Slide 1 and adds slides in numerical order.

2. Type Text and Enter

Typing the text sets the title to that text.

Slide Titles do not show up on the screen; they are for reference only.

Use either or both methods to add slides.

  1. Rearrange your slides using the dots to drag them.
  2. To edit your slide, choose the slide from the sidebar. It will turn blue when selected.
  3. Hover over a slide and choose the minus to delete it. It will turn green when hovering over it.
  4. Change the name of your slide. Slide Titles do not show up on the screen; they are for reference only.
  5. Edit the text of the slide.

Add as many slides as you'd like then choose Accept to be taken back to the Order of Service.

Items with Custom Slides will have a Projector icon added to them. Refresh Projector to ensure the Slides sync.

Next: Add Backgrounds or Customize the Layout of your slides.

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