Setting Multiple Backgrounds for Custom Slides

By default, each item in your plan has a single background. However, you can add Custom Slides to use multiple images, videos or Powerpoints for a single item.

Custom slides cannot be added to songs. Songs lyrics are taken from the Lyrics & Chords Editor and cannot be edited from Projector. To use multiple backgrounds for songs, add an extra item them create custom slides.

Tap the settings icon to the right of the custom slide item

Tap to edit the Selected Background

This is how you choose a background for your slides. If you'd like to add text over those backgrounds, see our article on Editing Custom Slides.

Set the Background for the Item or each Custom Slide

  1. Choose to set the main background for the item. If you don't choose other backgrounds for Custom Slides, they'll all use the main item background.
  2. Choose to set a different background for a specific slide. The orange border signifies that the custom slide is still using the main item background.
  3. Choose, "Add Slide" to add additional Custom Slides and set their backgrounds.

Drag & Drop to Reorder your Custom Slideshow

Tap and hold on any custom slide to drag it to a new location.

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