An Introduction to Presenting Lyrics with PCO Projector

Planning Center Projector is an iPad app that connects directly to your PCO Services account to turn your videos, lyrics & slides into presentations. Open Projector, select one of your dates, and slides are created and ready for presentation! Click here to download the app (This app requires iOS 8.1 or newer)

Add & Edit Your Song Lyrics From PCO Services

Add & Edit Your Song Lyrics From PCO Services
  • Projector is designed to present any lyrics you add into the Lyrics & Chords Editor on your song's "Arrangment" page in PCO Services.
  • If you already use this feature to create chord charts, you've already done 90% of the work, because Projector will simply use those & strip out the chords to instantly create lyric slides for you. NOTE: If your lyrics are currently in a doc or pdf, you can simply copy + paste them into the editor.
  • To edit any of these lyrics from the app, see this article here.

Customize Slides Using Special Codes

You can use what we call, "Special Codes", in the Editor screen to do a little bit of customization that will only affect your slides and not your Lyric or Chord sheets, such as forcing a line break. See our article here about "Special Codes for Lyrics, Chords & Slides".

Organize Your Slides With A Sequence

Organize Your Slides With A Sequence

How to Enable Projector and Try it out

If you'd like to give Projector a try, you'll also get a 30 day free trial period!

Here's our article about Enabling Projector On Your Account

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