Enabling "Force Offline Mode" For Private Networks

Some churches don’t have good WiFi in the room where they need to use Projector. One solution for this is to create a limited WiFi network (called an Ad-Hoc network). On your computer, instead of joining to a regular WiFi network, many have the option to create an Ad-Hoc network. This method lets your computer act as your main WiFi station, and any other devices can join it to be able to connect with each other. The only issue is that unless your computer is also hard wired to the internet, it doesn’t actually have a connection to the internet since it is using its WiFi to create a new network instead of joining an existing network that provides its internet. (You can also accomplish this with a router that isn’t connected to the internet.)

Using this Ad-Hoc method does allow all of your devices to connect to each other, but since none of them is actually connected to the internet it can cause some problems. Projector does frequently try to save or read info from the internet, and since it is technically on a WiFi network, your iPad assumes it has access to the internet, even though your particular WiFi network is not connected to the internet.

If you are using this method, you can enable “Force Offline Mode” in Projector’s settings, to tell it to assume it is offline even if it is technically connected to WiFi. This will stop Projector from trying to save or read from the Planning Center Server’s and getting stuck waiting for a non-existent internet response.

Tap "Settings" and Enable "Force Offline Mode"

Tap "Settings" and Enable "Force Offline Mode"
  1. Tap "Settings"
  2. Enable the switch "Force Offline Mode"
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