Mar 14 - Offline Improvements

Today we released Projector 2.2.2 with the following update notes.


  • The Projector app icon has a new look
  • New Setting to Force Offline Mode especially useful for those using an Ad-Hoc network not connected to the Internet


  • Loading indicator improvements for users with WiFi not connected to the internet
  • New notification lets you know protected files, such as songs from Apple Music, cannot play as your looped slideshow’s playlist
  • Better slide thumbnail quality for iPad Pro


  • An issue where a colon : would show up in a line break for a custom slide
  • A problem where setting a custom slide’s line per slide to 6+ would result in text showing 2 lines per slide instead
  • A problem where custom slide font sizes 50+ would cause the lines per slide to be ignored
  • Added “Done” button to Custom Slide text editor, so you could access the smart layout feature 
  • Switching to your Logo slide, from a looped slideshow that has an iTunes Playlist, will stop your music again
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